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Frequently Asked Questions

On admission to NUS, and 10,000 other things

1. Why is this page in English?
Because the nicer fonts do not support Vietnamese! Seriously though, try translating everything we want to say here into Vietnamese, they'd be so "sến"...
2. Why join VNCNUS?
Because we care, and we keep you warm. Okay Singapore is already warm, but yeah you know, it's home away from home, and you get to meet people, enjoy good company, have fun. People find their soulmates, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, best friends, ... here, in VNC NUS! 
Can I just refer to VNCNUS as VNC? 
Yeah, I can, I am the writer!
3. Why are there only 3 questions? 
Because we are busy preparing great events for you, we'll keep this FAQs list updated, soon...
Meanwhile, if you are having a burning question you want to ask, ask us, on Facebook, you know who we are! Or make a confession at our Thì Thầm Facebook page, or drop us an email!
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